Finding a Property Package

How to Get Access to a File

Property Packages in HomeLight Listing Management (HLM) are kept secure. 
As a Buyer Agent, if you're interested in reviewing a property package you'll need to reach out to the listing team and request access. They may provide you with a registration link or send you a direct invite. 
Some agents will also place a link in the confidential remarks in the MLS that you can use to register for access. 

🔎Click here to learn more about how to Register For Access to a Package
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Q: I am a Buyer, not an Agent. How do I get access to a property package?

  • A: Please connect with the Buyer Agent you are working with to get access to a package. If you are not working with a Buyer Agent please reach out to the Listing Team. 

Q: Can I search for a package in HomeLight Listing Management (HLM)?

  • A: No, not at this time. The Listing Team will be the ones to decide who can access the package.

Q: I used to have access to a package but now I don't. Where did it go?

  • A: If you were previously invited to the package as a Buyer Agent and are no longer able to find the package in your account the Listing Team may have Archived the package or removed your access. Please reach out to the listing team directly if you need any information regarding the property. 

Q: Where is the link to share with my buyers?

  • A: The share link is only available to Listing Agents. As a Buyer Agent to ensure your clients' information is kept confidential we only allow for shares via direct email invite.