Why We Don’t Offer Phone Support

We're Here for You

Everyone that you come into contact with at Disclosures.io is a real, friendly human working from our headquarters in San Francisco, California. Our goal is to make sure we get your questions answered and solve any problems you may encounter. 

We don't offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn't be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone. Like many software companies we have decided to keep our support online for a few reasons. Here are our top four:

  1. 🔎 We can instantly view your account, system details, and other information so we can troubleshoot effectively.
  2. 🖥️ Creating a disclosure package can involve a lot of documents and having the ability to visualize what is going on really helps our team get to a solution faster. We may ask you to send us screenshots and links to help us see what you’re seeing. We can also send you screenshots and videos that you can use as a visual reference.
  3. ⚡It's faster. We can quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold.
  4. 📂 Online support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation if we need to escalate your issue. We'll always have access to previous conversations so you won't have to repeat questions.