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Who to Share Your Package With

Selecting the Correct Role

There are 4 Roles to choose from when sharing a property package.

  • Team Member
  • Buyer Agent
  • Buyer
  • ⭐ Seller


Team members will be able to edit the property package the same way that you do.

If you are creating a package as listing agent use this option to invite other co-listing agents, TCs, or Assistants. This will allow them to

  • Help manage documents
  • See everyone in the viewer tab
  • Receive notifications when buyer parties register for access or download the file
  • View and manage any offers submitted 

If you are a buyer agent and have been invited to a package and want to share it with your TC or Assistant so they can assist you during this transaction use this role.

Buyer Agent

As a listing agent you will be able to invite buyer agents to view the documents in the property package. Buyer agents will have the ability to

  • Share this package with their clients and team members
  • Download the documents
  • Access the DocuSign integration
  • Submit an offer via Disclousres.io

Buyer agents will not be able to add documents to the package and cannot see who else has access to the package.


When sharing a package with a buyer they will have a read-only view of the documents and can choose to download the files. They are not able to share the package with anyone and cannot submit an offer via Disclousres.io.


Being able to share a property package with your sellers is a Pro feature.

This will allow you to invite your clients to a listing package you've created. Sellers will be able to see the documents that you've uploaded to the package and can review any offers that were submitted via Disclosures.io. A sellers view is a read-only view, they will not be able to add documents, use the DocuSign integration, and cannot respond or message any agents via Disclosures.io. They will only have access to the Documents and Offers tab.