Responding to Offers

Reply to Buyer Agents Quickly

As a Listing agent, who has received offers via you can now reply to offers and remove access from buyer parties who's offers weren’t accepted.  

How It’s Done

Go to the offer tab with all your offers and select the respond to offer option.

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Send Message

Choosing the “Send Message” option will send a direct message to the buyer agent.

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Accept an Offer

Choosing the Accept offer option will allow you to inform this agent that their offer is being accepted. 

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You’ll see a preview of the message that you are sending to the agent who’s offer you are accepting on the left side of the screen. If you choose the option to send a message to the declined parties you’ll be able to enter a subject and message to the agents whose offers are not being accepted. 

All of the offers, except for the accepted one will be declined and archived. The declined parties will lose access to the property packet. 

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Once you send the response you’ll see that an “In Contract” tag is added to the property package and that there is an “accepted” label added to the offer. 

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To add additional documents like the signed offer or any other outstanding documents select the edit option in the offer.

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Q: What happens to the other offers after I accept an offer?

  • A: You will still be able to view the other offers that were submitted by using the “filter” menu on the offers page and selecting “Archived”. 
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Q: How do I add more documents to my property package?

  • A: When a property is in contract this will make the disclosure documents are read-only. If you want to add additional documents for review and signature, add them to the offer by using the edit option. This will allow the buyer agent to view and access any new documents pertaining to the transaction.
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Q: This deal fell out of contract; how do I change the status and let everyone that had access previously back into the package?

  • A: If your deal has fallen out of contract you can select the “unaccept” option in the offer. Unaccepting an Offer will restore all declined Offers from the Archive and return property access to all Buyer Agents and Buyers. You will need to notify the other agents that the property is back on the market, the system will not notify them automatically. 

Q: I have a counter offer I want to upload to an offer submitted to one of my packages?

  • A: To submit your counter offer to your property package(s) you will need to ‘VIEW OFFER’ and select ’EDIT’ to edit the offer. From this option you’ll be able to upload your counter offer documentation, label your documentation, and inform your buyer agent of the change/addition to the package offer submitted by them. You can also edit the fields within "summary of terms" of the offer should your counter include a change in any of those specific items.