How to Edit Your Coversheet

Customize Your Coversheet automatically creates a coversheet for each property package. Each coversheet has four customizable sections

  1. Photo
  2. Listed By
  3. Instructions
  4. Footer

All of the sections can be edited by clicking on the Edit option under the Coversheet. As you enter information to the different tabs, you’ll be able to see a live preview of your coversheet on the right.


1.  Photo

The photo tab is where you can add a beautiful splash photo for the first page of your disclosure package. Only image files (.jpg or .png) can be used for the Photo. If needed you can upload a brokerage logo or a team logo here as well.


2.  Listing Agents

The Listing Agents section is where you can add your own personal and brokerage information. If you are a TC and are creating a disclosure package for your agent, you can add their info here as well by selecting the “Invite Team Member”. Inviting an agent will invite them to the package and if they have a account it will populate their profile information automatically. If they don’t have a account, their information can be added in manually. You can make adjustments to the information by clicking into any of the fields. 


Adding the brokerage information is automatically done when selecting the agent's name or by inviting an agent to a package; this will pull in the Company information from the Listing Agent’s profile. You can also adjust the information by clicking into any of the fields. 


3.  Instructions

It is a best practice to provide instructions for buyer agents as to how to submit an offer. If pre-escrow has been opened for the listing, that information can go into the Instructions section as well. When clicking on the Instructions tab, you can format your text using the tools at the top of the text area and can also save multiple instruction templates. 

4.  Footer

The Footer is a signature block that goes at the end of the coversheet. The words in the footer can be edited by clicking on the Footer Tab and then clicking directly into the text editor. This is a great place to add any required disclaimers required by your brokerage.

Saving Changes

Once you are ready to save your changes, click the save button in the top left corner. If you would like to notify buyer parties of the changes that were made to a document you will be able to do that by selecting the notify option located on the right hand side of the screen. 

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Q: How Do I change the property address?

  • A: To edit the property address, or any of the other property information shown, click on the edit property option.