🎥 Pro v. Basic Membership

Pro Membership: This video training will walk you through each feature offered with a HLM(formerly Disclosures.io) Pro Membership.

With a free account on HomeLight Listing Management, you can create great-looking disclosure packages, collaborate on them with your team and share them with interested Buyer Agents and Buyers. 

Generally, the best way of looking at it is, the basic membership will allow you to create Listing Information Packages and share them with as many potential buyers as you’d like. There is no cap on the amount of packages that you can create or the number of times you can share a package. 

The Pro Membership provides an additional features that allows agents to see the activity of each buyer party, and unlocks a whole suite of communication tools to make it easy to keep in contact with buyers agents.

For Pro Pricing, you can choose between a month to month option for $39 or you can join us for an annual subscription with a 15% discount - bringing the total for annual membership to a $399 one time payment.

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Q: Can I use HLM without a Pro subscription?

  • A: Yes, we have a wonderful free version that will allow you to create, manage, share, and receive offers. Some features will not be available without a Pro subscription. 

Q: Can I use HLM on more than one computer?

  • A: Yes. To ensure that you are accessing the correct account be sure to login with the same email address across all devices. 

Q: What is the difference between the annual and month-to-month plan?

  • A: The annual plan requires a one-year commitment and is our best value. The month-to-month plan gives you the flexibility to stop and restart your subscription without being tied to a year long contract or a cancellation fee. 

Q: Does HLM offer team or brokerage pricing?

  • A: Yes. We offer monthly subscriptions to HLM Pro for teams of three and up, as well as brokerages. Pricing depends on the number of users and is billed as one payment for all users.

    Team Size:
      • 5 to 9 members — $35/member/month
      • 10 to 25 members — $30/member/month
      • 25+ members — Contact us at sales@disclosures.io for more information on pricing and to schedule a demo with our team
      • Brokerage — Contact us at sales@disclosures.io for more information on pricing and to schedule a demo with our team