HomeLight Title and Escrow

Enroll in one click ordering

As a Listing Agent and Transaction Coordinator you can now get access to one step Preliminary Title Report ordering while creating a property package. 

HomeLight provides a modern closing experience for top agents and teams. 

    • Protect your clients with industry leading security
    • Keep everyone on track with notifications
    • Securely access documents from anywhere

How To Enroll

When walking through the steps of creating a property package, when you get to the section for entering the Escrow Information there will be an option to request access to HomeLight Title and Escrow.

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When this is selected you will be asked to confirm your contact information, if your profile is completed this will auto populate. A specialist from HomeLight Closing Services will reach out to you within 24 hours to provide you with information about HomeLight Closing Services and how to get access to this exclusive service.

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After Enrollment 

After you are enrolled in HomeLight Title and Escrow, whenever you are creating a package in Disclosures.io there will be an option to open Pre-Sale Escrow and order your Preliminary Title Report with HomeLight Closing Services. 

Selecting this action will:

    • Open escrow in one click
    • Alert the HomeLight Closing Services team to your listing
    • Automatically add the Preliminary Title Report to your package within 48-72 hours
    • Issue a report upload notification

Confirm the agent contact information. If your profile information has been completed this will automatically populate. Clicking open escrow will close this window and a green notification will appear letting you know that the order has been placed. 


To see if a report has been ordered for your property, you can click the Add Documents button then select the “Order Prelim” option. 

If a report has been ordered a green "Report Ordered!" notification will appear.


Added to Your Package 

Once you confirm the order the Preliminary Title Report will be delivered in 48-72 hours unless otherwise informed. 

Email Notification

When the Preliminary Title Report is delivered to the property package Team Members will receive an email notification. This notification will include the name of the document, you’ll also be able to access the property package from this email.

Ways of Editing Information

Property Information

Escrow information can be updated at any time by selecting the “Edit Property Info” button on the left side of the screen. 

Selecting the Escrow Tab will allow you to update the information or save a template. Saving multiple templates for escrow companies is a feature available to all users. 

We recommend leaving the escrow number blank when creating a template. Once this information is updated select the save option to save the changes made. 

If there needs to be an update made to the Preliminary Title Report please contact support@disclosuers.io for assistance. 

What’s Next

Buyer Parties will be able to see the property information you’ve entered when they select the more information option in the property package.


Escrow information can be updated or added under the Escrow Tab on the coversheet. If you hover over the coverhseet an “Edit” button will appear. Clicking on that will allow you to customize your coversheet.

Next, navigate to the escrow tab and add or update the escrow information. 

The option to save multiple templates for escrow is a feature available to all users. Enter the contact information of the Title and Escrow Company as well as your preferred Escrow Officer and choose the “Save As Template” option. 

We recommend leaving the escrow number blank when creating a template.


Q: What is a Preliminary Title Report?

  • A: This is a report showing the condition of title before a sale or loan transaction. After completion of the transaction, a title insurance policy is issued.

Q: How long will it take before my Preliminary Title Report is delivered?

  • A: Once the order has been placed it will take about 48-72 hours for delivery to the property package. 

Q: What if I don’t have my escrow information for the property yet?

  • A: You can edit the escrow information at any time. Once the escrow number has been received this can be added to the coversheet. 

Q: Does the Escrow Officer get access to the file if I add escrow information?

  • A: No. The Escrow Officer will not be added to the file if their contact information is added under Escrow. 

Q: Who do I contact regarding questions about my Prelim or Escrow?

  • A: Please reach out to support@disclosures.io with any questions about HomeLight Title and Escrow and we will be able to connect you with the right team.